DSC00120The classic LBD (little black dress). No girl should ever go without at least one in her closet. They are so versatile. This one I am showing today is from American Apparel. The small accents on this dress make it very unique and different from many other LBD’s. It is loose fitting and great material. It has the kind of material that will NEVER wrinkle. Ahhhh yes. It is a deep V-neck and the arm holes are quite large so this is the perfect dress to show off a beautiful bralettes in a very classy manner. Depending on how you let it situate on your body it can also be worn also as a, what I like to call “mullet dress”. Longer in the back & a little shorter in the front. It is a reasonable length of course if you choose to wear it that way. If you want to join me in owning this amazing dress…here it is for you!

As for my accessories…I always keep it very simple. I’m not one for massive jewelry or anything too intricate. Many girls do a phenomenal job pulling it off though! There is a photo below of a close up of my jewelry for you. Less is always more in my mind.

Then my hair…I showed you two different ways I would wear it….In a bun for a more formal outing or half up/half down for a little more casual.

Last but most certainly not least…my new camera! My hair bun and I wanted to show it to you as well:) 

Ps. The dresses fit quite large so I would really size down. This one I bought is an XS/S.

Let me know what you think! & Where is your favourite LBD from? xx


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