kelowna_winter09Let’s face it-People travel the whole entire world and always end up coming back to beautiful British Columbia. It has everything and anything you need. Ranging from incredible ski mountains, beautiful lakes, great dirt roads for my country friends, intriguing cities and the ocean is right there as well if you end up travelling along the coast. What more could someone need! Lucky for me I was able to grow up in the beautiful Okanagan. For anyone who is looking for a thrilling adventure with beautiful sights to see and exciting things to do…I invite you to the lovely city I live in. Kelowna, B.C. I will provide a 24 hour example of a day in Kelowna during the winter time to give you some ideas for when you come to visit me 😀

Where to stay?

The Delta Grand Hotel.
deltaThis is a hotel in the heart of downtown Kelowna where a lot of the excitement happens. Close to numerous mind-blowing restaurants, beautiful walks, shopping (including LuLu Lemon <3), great coffee shops, grocery stores, the hockey arena (home of the Kelowna Rockets hockey team) where events, concerts & hockey games happen and much more. You have everything you need only steps away from your hotel room so there is no hassle with driving or getting a cab anywhere! This hotel is located right on the shore of the famous Okanagan lake so you wake up to a breathtaking view each morning. There is spa, conference room, pool, hot tub and restaurant in this hotel for your convenience as well. The Delta Grand is ranked one the top waterfront hotels in Canada. It is an up to date and very clean hotel. I guarantee you will feel like a million bucks staying here.

For more information on The Delta Grand, Kelowna, and to book your room check out their website here.

Morning Yoga Class

Moksha Yoga Studio
mokshaNow after your lovely sleep in The Delta you need some Yoga to get ready for the day and treat yourself to some “you time”. Moksha yoga here in Kelowna is known by pretty much everyone who lives here. It is a hot yoga studio and it is absolutely amazing. As soon as you walk through that door… the energy of the room is … ahhh, it’s great. All of the staff are very kind and accommodating. They offer many different kinds of classes that range for beginners to intermediates. The teachers are so knowledgable and really make your class amazing. They truly want you to get the best out of the class so anything they can help you with they will. I have never had such a good experience at any other yoga studio. I highly recommend this one. They offer many classes throughout the day from 6:00am classes all the way through to 9:00pm! They make it very easy for you to look at the class descriptions and schedules either online or right from your phone.

For more information on Moksha Yoga and what they have to offer, click here.

Post Yoga Juice

Glow Juicery
glow2I got the honour of being able to work at Glow Juicery not too long ago. Glow offers fresh cold pressed juice (truly made with love as a lot of work goes into it. Trust me. I know. I’ve had my fair share of juice pulp splattered on me). They also have juice cleanses, delicious healthy treats, smoothies, snacks, soups, salads and much more. Everything Glow offers is all raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and undeniably delicious. The staff are all so kind, warm hearted people. You will feel instant love as soon as you walk through the doors. The owner is an absolute gem and if you go in there and get the chance to run into her… your day will seriously be made. Her energy is out of this world and she is truly, from the bottom of my heart, one of the kindest people I have ever met. Please go there. You will leave feeling so healthy, loved and refreshed! 

For more on what Glow has to offer, visit their beautifully designed website.


The Bohemian Cafè
bohIf you were to ask any local where to go for breakfast or brunch here in the Okanagan, hands down everyone would tell you to go to the Bohemian Cafè. This is a family run restaurant. They use fresh local food which is so good to hear and you can definitely notice the delicious taste of fresh, local foods. You can take a look at their menu and times here online. Be sure to get there early-ish though as they do get quite busy due to their popularity!

Walk The Main Street

Bernard streetbanner_kelownaca-residents
Bernard is the most well known street in Kelowna. It has numerous shops, restaurants and coffee shops along it. My favourite is LuLu Lemon obviously, hehe. The City of Kelowna does shut down this street about once a month for many different kind of events where local business can set up booths and there are usually things for children to do such as games, face painting and acts. It is a great family event to attend. I recommend looking at the Kelowna website to see when the block parties are happening! My favourite thing is just to walk around and look at the different shops down on this street. Beautiful sights to been seen as well as it is directly beside the lake. 

Winter Wine Tours

Distinctly Kelowna Tours

Since you are now in the Okanagan it is quite mandatory you go for a wine tour. It may be chilly out but the wine is still there to warm you up. Distinctly Kelowna Tours offers numerous packages on wine tours. They even pair some with ATV riding in the snow, snowshoeing and skiing at Kelowna’s famous ski mountain Big White Ski Resort and then a wine tour as well! They will take you for lunch, accommodate your rides and make sure you get to your destination safely and happily. Kelowna is known for the beautiful vineyards surrounded by numerous wineries. This is an absolute must! To book a tour go to


Raudz Restaurant
Raudz is an amazing, classy restaurant. Just like the Bohemian Cafè they are using food from local suppliers. The wine they offer is also from the lovely local wineries around the Okanagan. Raudz has a glass window into the kitchen from the restaurant so you can see and have the experience of viewing the hardworking chefs doing what they love and do best. Their food and presentation is exceptional and well known here in Kelowna. View their menu and learn more about Raudz here.

Evening Event

Prospera Place & Rotary Centre for the Arts
There is always something happening here in Kelowna whether it be a play, musical, concert, hockey game or comedy act. There is no way you will be bored here. All you have to do is check out the event page for the Rotary Centre which hosts many performances and/or Prospera place which has many world wide known, talented artists playing shows there or they also have exciting hockey games throughout the whole winter as well! Check out the event schedules here: Prospera Place & Rotary Centre

P.S. These venues are both directly across from The Delta Grand Hotel that you are staying in!

Evening Cocktail on the Shore Line

Roses Pub
Roses is Kelowna’s only waterfront pub. It offers great drinks, food, pool tables, dance floor and a large patio for the summer time. The view is remarkable. Even at night you get to experience the moon and city lights reflecting down on the crisp, calm Okanagan Lake. This is great pub with a casual atmosphere. Visit their website to view the menu and events at
cactusIf you want a little more formal atmosphere, there has been a brand new Cactus club has opened right next-door to Roses Pub right along the water as well over looking the lake and boat launch. This would be a great place to go for a more dressy setting.

I truly hope this may have convinced you to come check out what this beautiful city has to offer. If you want more information on events and exciting things happening in my town or even yours. Eventbrite is an amazing website that is super user friendly and will help you discover when, where and what things are going on in your town or somewhere you are looking to adventure to! They can even help you if you want to create an event for your business as well! Check out Eventbrite here.

Now I want to hear and see about your hometown! This girl loves to try new places out as I’m sure many other people do too! Let me know 🙂
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