DSC00037I am a sucker for skin products but I’m also cheap as ever. So, lately I have been doing this inexpensive but effective skin care regime and it has been working very well for me. I really don’t want to have wrinkly skin when I’m older so I am preventing it the best I can in the most cost-effective way. I snag some great deals on natural products at Marshall’s, Winners & Home Sense. So, if you are one looking for a good skin care regime but don’t want to spend heaps of your hard earned money then follow below.

p.s. I will provide links for everything if you would like to purchase them online right away or just read more information about the product!

1.) Face wash. I begin my skin care regimen by washing off my make up and pollutants from the day or night ever so gently with this Boo Bamboo balancing face wash.
(I purchased mine at Marshall’s.) It is my second bottle. I love it. Takes off make up so well leaving you feel so fresh and clean after.
DSC000202.) Face mask. I do a facemask about 2 times a week.  I bought this one at Marshall’s as well. Hehe.
DSC000243.) Face serum. This stuff is amazing. It literally makes your skin glow even after just one use. It is a little pricer but the amount you need is so minute that it will last you very long time.  It has anti-aging properties (hence the name of the product), firms the skin, smoothes the skin and really does give you a radiant glow right away.  I allow this to dry for a few minutes prior to proceeding to my next step.
DSC000224.) Face cream. Once my Drops of Youth serum has dried, I then apply a night cream. This moisturizer is quite versatile when it comes to when to apply it. This is the only moisturizer I have currently, so if it is night time I apply it heavily so my skin gets the most moisture possible while I sleep. But if it is morning I go a little bit easier and only apply just enough to cover my face lightly. Otherwise it could be too heavy. Love it since I can use it morning and night.

p.s. I did add a link for you to use if you’d like to purchase it and read up on it but then I saw the price online… so, just letting you know you can buy it at Marshall’s or one of those stores for almost half the price!
DSC000255.) Eye cream. I have dark circles genetically (thaaaaanks, dad……..). So I have been searching for a good eye cream that will diminish wrinkles, dark circles and keep your eyes moisturized. I took a tester of this one home from the Body Shop and it actually did the trick.

I was reading the reviews online about it and some people said it interfered with their concealer and make up the applied afterward but I didn’t have a problem at all. They may have been using too much.

Once I make it to the mall I am definitely going to grab this. While I was using it I had noticed the cream has an illuminating effect with little luminescent particles which then brighten the eye reducing the look of under eye circles. eye cream6.)  Night time face oil. Only at night time do I apply an oil to my skin as it does make your face oily for quite a few hours. It is SO good for your skin. I recently was given this from a friend actually and I absolutely love it. You definitely can also use coconut oil or any other kind. This is just the one I have been loving right now. But once again, I recommend only before bed.
DSC000267.) Exfoliant. It is so important to get old, dead skin cells off your face allowing for new beautiful, healthy glowing cells can take their place! It will slow down the aging process as you will have new cells more often than not and dead cells will not build up creating wrinkles and lines. I do this every time I shower. This seaweed exfoliant from the Body Shop is lovely. Minerals from the sea are one of the best things for your skin and anti-aging.
DSC000298.) Body lotion. After every shower I am sure to moisturize my whole body while my skins pores are still open from the hot shower. This allows the moisture from the lotion to sink deep in your skin. I like to switch up my body lotions. This is just the one I am using currently. It is very nice. I got this one from Marshall’s as well.
Hope you enjoyed. I got a new camera and was so excited to use it. No more cracked phone photos. Yeeeeeow. Have a lovely day you little radiant friends. xx


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