This winter I am absolutely loving turtle necks. They are probably one of the classiest things to be worn in the cold months. I don’t know how I ended up trusting myself with a crisp white one, but we’ll see how it goes, hehe. I kept it girly on top then badass on the bottom with my wanna be “worker boots” (which are incredibly warm). And…you’ll never ever guess where they’re from.


Turtle neck- Ralph Lauren (Marshalls!)
Distressed Black Jeans-The Gap
Purse-Steve Madden

Then…I came across this beautiful photo and it screams my name. I absolutely love everything about it. So, I thought I would share for some more inspiration:)
Get out of your shell and go buy yourself a turtle neck! You will thank me 🙂

Hope you’re all having lovely holidays. xx


    1. oh my gosh. I know. The white converse work just as well. Much more inexpensive too haha. Also, adidas has a really nice pair you can snag at The Bay for a great price xx

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