This is my current build-a-booty- routine (because I will admit, this girl needs to work on her booty game, ha!) which you can do at home cause all you need is a cute workout outfit and yourself! Personally, I do 3 sets of 15-25 reps for each right now. Start with how ever many you are comfortable with, and work your way up. Make sure you are feeling your muscles burn though, otherwise you are wasting your sweet, sweet time. Also, incorporate a core workout by engaging your core at all times which will help build the muscle in there as well. This is super simple and memorable workout so you don’t always have to look back and forth at your phone or paper. xx

1.) Hip raises.
-lay on your back with your arms to the side to stable yourself
-lift your pelvis waaaaaaay up as tall as you can squeezing your glutes

3.) Wall sit for AS LONG AS YOU CAN. Good luck 🙂IMG_6928

3.) Bob up and down while staying in lunge position.

5.) Body weighted squats.
*Be sure when you stand up you push your hips forward squeezing you glutes

6.) Fire Hydrant.
– imitating a dog going pee is the best way to describe what to do 😛
– keep your back straight

7.) Donkey Kicks.
-all four on the floor and raise one leg back as high as you can. Again, squeezing the glutes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.04.00 PM
I sure hope you enjoyed this and maybe gave you a couple ideas to help you out with your workout.

Good luck xx

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