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When I was about 17 I had my first just-for-fun photoshoot. I loved it. Loved every minute of it. Being able to do my make-up beautifully, change outfits and take artsy photos in beautiful scenery. I loved it so much. I started emailing modelling agencies, flying to Vancouver to meet with them and arrange events and such. Then once I got even more into it I started comparing myself to other beautiful ladies (majority of the time it is also known as photoshopped or taking a photo a eighty-seven times until the girl is satisfied with it). Since I began comparing I started being overly cautious of what I consumed, would not go a day without working out, missed out on many delicious treats, I was a nuisance while ordering things at a social event and just blatantly stressed myself out over everything that could alter my appearance one bit. It started taking over my life.

I am by no means saying I was a professional model or anything even close to that..I just did it on the side as a hobby. But as much fun as photoshoots may be the whole world is just a spiral downward for …. I would say, about 90% of the girls who get into it. The biggest issues would be nutrition and self love on personality but mainly appearance.

I am writing this post to encourage ladies and express what I have learned throughout these past couple years to be strong enough to not compare themselves to others. Being strong enough to actually do that is a huge step in the right direction. I know exactly how hard it is nowadays with us influenced and surrounded by social media and photoshopped girls who lead “oh so perfect” lives. I struggle with comparison to this day and the modelling thing made it so much worse. Now that I am hearing of more and more young ladies looking at other women and how they wish their life was like theirs… Well get up and work hard for it just like they did to create that life for themselves. And as far as looks go..being happy with what you have been blessed with and finding positives about yourself…that confidence will give you the most beautiful natural glow every time you walk into a room. You will feel so much happier in your own skin once you achieve this mindset.

What helps me and how am I teaching myself to get out of the comparison game?  Well… all the times I get into a rut I find myself looking on the internet looking and beautiful fashion, beauty and health photos of beautiful, healthy, fashionable women. I then take a step back, put the magazine down or get off of pinterest, tumblr, instagram or whatever it is I am on and take a break from social media. I open one of my new empowering, successful, holistic, motivational or nutrition book/website and gain knowledge to better myself for myself. Expanding your knowledge is actually such a good feeling. Nothing is more attractive than intelligence. Nothing (other than kindness of course… but thats a given, hehe.) Or I get out of the house and try something completely new that may teach me something new about myself. Maybe a new yoga class, a cool course that intrigues me or just something that gets me out of my comfort zone.


I know it is very redundant of women who empower this message to say you need to learn to love yourself and accept who you are and who you are as a person but it’s very true. Once you focus all of that time and energy you’re using on comparing your life to another woman’s life and use that energy toward finding ways to improve your life so you enjoy it more, looking in the mirror and finding positives about your appearance… oh me, oh my, life will get so much more enjoyable. Energy is incredibly powerful.

I know I am not the only girl who struggled/struggles with this from time to time but at the end of the day we have our one and only life to live and how you want to live it is totally your call. Please don’t get caught up in the photos and media we are surrounded with these days. Be happy for one another and be happy with yourself.

Now go read a book, xx

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  1. Love this post! The perfect female body has changed a lot through the centuries and today it is very rare to see a raw/natural picture of models. It definitely disturbes many little girls relationship with food and body acceptance. You make a great point here and spread a positive attitude 🙂

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