Sleep is so, so, so important for you. It gives your brain a chance to relax and prepare you for the next day, helps regulate hormones, helps maintain a healthy weight, supports healthy growth and development and so much more.

For myself, as I lay in bed at night my mind goes absolutely crazy. I think about my plans for the next day, what happened in the day, what should I wear, the good, the bad, or maybe a conversation I had with someone.  The worst is thinking of negative things which turn out to seem SO much worse while thinking about them laying in bed then getting stressed and that right there just sets you up for a awful sleep and raccoon eyes in the morning.  So I toss and turn, throw on slow music. I try absolutely everything to get my mind to shut up. Errrrg.

So, with all that being said.. I have definitely done my experimenting and I will share with you today what the heck has helped me and changed my sleeping habits. All natural. No pills.

1.) Lavender Essential Oil. This oil is known for its soothing and calming benefits which in turn aids in sleep.  All I do is put a couple drops in my hands, rub them together then rub them over my pillow so the scent is then transferred. Then I plop a drop of it under my nose so I breathe it in all night long. Works like a freaking charm.


2.)Amethyst Stone. This is one I had just learned at a wellness fair I had gone to. It is said that placing an amethyst stone in your pillow case or under your pillow will bring soothing and calming energies that will help one relax. The energies help rid you of stress, anxiety, nervousness, ect. The night before an exam…I’m going to forget the pillow and just sleep on a pillow case full of amethyst stones!!


3.) Meditation. This is something I just began doing myself and it makes me have the best sleeps ever. I listen to meditations led by Deepak Chopra before bed for practicing visualization remedies or just to practice meditation and sometimes I will actually just fall right asleep during it and not wake up till the wee morning hours. It is incredible. The mind blows me away now that I am learning more and more in-depth about the body.


4.) Reading. This and the next tip are by far the superhero’s of sleep remedies. Reading takes your mind off absolutely everything and onto something that is very interesting to you. Light a candle, turn on your night lamp and read. It tires your eyes and relaxes you immensely. I bet you a whole jar of peanut butter you will not be able to get through no more than two chapters without feeling drowsy. I can promise you that right now! Just make sure it is a book you thoroughly enjoy.


5.) DRUMROLL….now for the ultimate tip that I highly suggest to anyone and everyone. Journaling. Holy moly. This is like a mind reset. First of all you must buy a snazzy journal to encourage yourself to write in it. There are myriad amounts of journals in book stores, such as Chapters & I have proof right here…

Then right before bed write down anything that comes to mind. Absolutely anything, Even if you think it is absurd. Write. It. Out. This will empty your mind of everything and clear it for a peaceful sleep and make room for positive ideas and thoughts. Think of this journal as your counsellor. It is hard to grasp the fact that no one else will see it, I know. I even catch myself afraid to write things down thinking someone may find it and read it but I remind myself it’s for my eyes only and force myself to write out whatever it is that is on my mind. Just make sure you put it in a spot no one will ever know! Personally, as I write in my journal at night I actually feel a sensation of relaxation and that feeling of a weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. I fall asleep instantly.


Noooow…. if absolutely none of those suggestions help the slightest…a wee little bit of red wine never hurt anyone 😉 Just makes you feel… well, like your on a big fluffy cloud. Hehe.

Now go get some beauty sleep, xx

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