I love candles  but I had no idea the scents that they give off are so toxic. So, I decided to create my own so I know the exact ingredients that are in it. Also, who doesn’t love the smell of honey?! Here is a quick step by step for you to create your own healthy beeswax candle if you’re interested in having your place smell like a lovely honey comb 🙂


Supplies needed:
•one small 1/2 pint jar
•wicks (I just purchased mine from Michaels craft store)
• 1/3 cup saturated coconut oil
•1 cup bees wax (much cheaper if you get it from a local bee keeper. I paid $12.00 for two pounds and in Michaels I saw 1 pound for $24.00. Blew my mind.)

1.) slice off one cup of bees wax (might be easier to buy it in small blocks if possible or stick it in a bag and go out side and take a hammer to it. Quite difficult to slice with a knife. If doing so, warm the knife under hot water prior to cutting. Helps a little bit)

2.) tape the bottom of the wick to the center of the jar and wrap the top of the wick around a pen and tape a “x” over the top to keep the pen & wick in place. This is very crucial. If the wick is not straight it will have a hard time burning.

3.) melt together the coconut oil and beeswax.

4.) slowly pour the mixture into the jar ensuring the wick is as straight as possible.

5.) allow it to sit and you will see it harden throughout time. Have it set for approximately two days before burning. Cut the wick to appropriate length.

There you have it! A simple, non-toxic candle. Fun to do and also a great gift idea!



hope you liked it, honey;)  xx


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