Currently in Vancouver staying at my brothers for my cousins wedding today! We get to get all dolled up and I’m so excited:)

Last time I was here my brother introduced me to this lovely health nut cafe called The Anchor Eatery. They have such a variety of healthy options from buckwheat breakfast muffins, Açai bowls,  raw treats to fresh pressed juices for anyone wanting to feel revived and refreshed. They accommodate the whole health spectrum through meat lovers to vegans! If you are ever in West Vancouver I highly recommend it. SO GOOD.

So, today I got up off my dang blow up mattress that never fails to deflate throughout the night, threw on my new favourite pair of lulus and walked along the seawall as the sun was rising. Starting my morning off early with a walk and a stunning view while on my way to get something absolutely delicious to nourish my body puts me in such a happy state. Leaves a smile on my face all day long no matter what.

I will leave you with some cliché photos. Hehe, I just have to share my excitement as there are not many places like this I get to experience in my town!


Ohhhhh and there was a sparkling, royal blue lambo as I walked out of the door. Just a little motivation for the start of my day 😉 “Rise and grind” as my brother tells me… every morning… at 5am…literally. My new alarm clock…and I love it.
Now, go get healthy my little health nuts xx

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