I am currently enrolled in a college of Holistic Nutrition. I am learning so much and I want to share! So, recently I have entered the vegetarian world and since I am not eating meat (which is a complete protein) I was wanting to know how to be sure I get enough complete proteins. In class the other week, I had learned there are 22 amino acids (building blocks of protein). Eight of these amino acids are essential which means our body cannot produce them, therefore we must obtain them through food. The rest can be produced within the body but that strongly depends on your health. There is much more depth to that concept.


In order to achieve complete proteins you will need to be knowledgeable about food combining. Food combining speaks for itself. Combine different foods together that have different amino acids that then build off each other and create complete proteins.

I will write a couple examples of food combinations that I have learned that will result in complete proteins with balanced amino acids and hopefully help you out!

Vegetarian/Vegan Food Combos for Complete Protein:

The main concept is grains with beans or seeds.
• Millet & beans
•Brown rice & sunflower seeds
•Soybeans with corn, wheat, rye or sesame
•Legumes & leafy greens
•Peas & wheat

My personal example for today…

Today for lunch I had Zoodles with a bed of raw spinach, organic tomato paste, kidney beans, some spices and a side of 2 rye crackers. Easy peezy & so yum!


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