What is a vision board? A vision bard is a board with your goals attached. Whether it be a cork board, a white board or any sort of board. You attach pictures and sayings that relate to your goals in life. They must be specific goals though. Then every time you look at the board it motivates you to keep working toward what you want. Visualization is a huge practice in achieving your goals.

Mom and I wanted to make a pretty one for my new bedroom. Here are some very easy step by step instructions on how to create your own!

What you’ll need:

•a bulletin board ($14 at Walmart)
•inexpensive fabric (length & width depend on your bulletin board)
•gems or buttons from the dollar store
•staple gun
•glue gun

1.) staple the middle of each side on the back of the cork board then work your way left to right finishing it in a nice clean line.
2.) fold one corner down like you are wrapping a present.
3.) then fold the other corner down over top of that (again, like your wrapping a present)
4.) staple the rest in a straight lineIMG_6414
5.) now you have completed your base and you’ll need to whip out the glue gun, ribbon and gems and/or buttons.
6.) glue one end of the ribbon on the edge of the board then staple the tails of the ribbon onto the back corners to secure.
IMG_64177.) pull the ribbon straight across and staple onto the opposite corner
IMG_64188.)  measure the width you would like your lines to be and staple where they meet in the middle making sure to pull tightly then stapling the ends to the back (make sure you staple at the intersections before stapling to the back. This makes it much easier to get it tight).IMG_6420
9.) cover the ugly staple with pretty gems or buttons using your glue gun
IMG_642110.) Voila! Put your first goal on and look at it every day believing you have already achieved it 🙂 (mine was a big, fat check written to myself, hehe)
Hope you enjoy. Go get crafty. xx


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