School has begun for many this year. I commend you all for sticking to it. I haven’t been to school for a couple years now and I’m retraining my brain on everything! Here are a few study tips I have learnt throughout the past few weeks…

1.)SHAAAGS, HILLMPTV ….That probably looks like gibberish to you all but to me those are the essential and non-essential amino acids ūüėõ Acronyms. They are a life saver. Create them to remember anything that is in list form. They are so great.

2.)Get colourful! There are proven studies that reading information in colour helps our memory. So, whip out those lovely highlighters for the important things. Here is an example: IMG_6146

3.) Take a deep breath and relax. This was one of my biggest things as I was getting so overwhelmed by all of the information. I was trying to read word for word in my (massive) textbook, then my brother told me I was trying too hard. So I took a break and got back to it and focused on the things the teacher emphasized in class and what she had us write down. It helped immensely.

4.) Draw pictures. If you can draw a picture to relate something that you must remember, photos are so much easier to remember than words.

5.) Teach¬†others what you are learning. Give your family and friends a little lesson on what you are learning. If you’re speaking it, reiterating the information and teaching it, you will¬†remember and retain the information. Just make sure you peek at your notes if you’re not 100% sure what you are saying so it is all correct.¬†

6.)¬†Do your best.¬†As long as you are trying your best you’ll be good to go. That is all you can do. Don’t stress about it. It’s an opportunity for you to grow in so many ways. You are learning something new everyday and that’s so exciting!

Good luck my little nerdlings. xx


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