While you’re travelling you can still eat very well. Here are some of my healthy choices I made while I was in Vancouver:

IMG_5994Kale and mixed bean salad with a vinaigrette from Whole Foods for our picnic we at the top of our huge hike. & yes, those are handmade chopsticks 🙂

For my long drive home I picked up my first Acai Bowl ever. I was so excited. I have always seen all of these beautiful pictures on social medias and have always wanted to try one. It was SO good. It had granola on the bottom and the top so there was crunch the whole time. Yaaaaa-um.

My brother and I went out to a really cool restaurant for lunch and they had lettuce wraps on the menu and I just asked if I could get rice instead of the chicken and it was honestly one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.

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