Ever since my trip to see my brother last week and talking with him about achieving goals and his goals that he is so driven toward, I have truly been inspired to do the same. Every single morning and throughout the days I have been listening to speeches on motivation, the power of positive thinking and how strong the mind is. It has been a huge impact on me.

Throughout these speeches and talks I have learned an immense amount of information. Jim Carey is a great example of visualizing your dreams. For example, he had written himself a check for ten million dollars in 1992 and dated it Thanksgiving of 1995. Just prior to Thanksgiving 95′ he had received a check from the movie “Dumb and dumber” for exactly 10 million dollars. That right there blows my mind.
If you have a dream, stay committed. If you don’t discipline yourself to stay committed, your next-door neighbour will take your amazing idea (which you thought was literally unbelievable) who is a hard working, positive thinker will be the one to pursue the dream you wish you had stuck to. While everyone is sleeping in, get up early & work toward your dream. If you picture it all at once, it may be overwhelming and you may tell yourself “it’s too good to be true”. No, you cannot let your mind tell you that. Take small steps. All the steps you take to make progress toward fulfilling your dream, they will all add up.  “Keep your commitment to your commitment.” All of the successful people you look up to…they are not “lucky” to be where they are. They have worked their butts off to be where they are. While you were sleeping in on a Saturday morning, they where  up at 5am working on a project they believed in. Successful people are no different from you.

Find something you love to do. Something that when you are doing it, hours at a time pass and you don’t even realize. Once you find something you love, create a way to make a career out of it. For example, me writing this post to you all right now, I didn’t even notice that an hour has passed…oops :p

The relationships you have with people and the ones your surround yourself make a huge impact how you live your life. Make sure you surround yourself with people who are uplifting, who make you want to strive toward your dream, hard workers and kind people. The influence from people around you will either make you want to work so hard toward your dream or will make you not focus on your dream making your mindset “okay, I can live with a 9-5 job, raising a family, in an okay house.” No, There is so much more to life than that. You are worth so much more.
motivationMy personal reason for wanting to be successful. I want to prove to myself that this all can and will be real. I used to have he mindset that my dream that I have is far beyond reach. My brother has changed my view so much. I want to do this for him because I know he really believes in me. I want to truly accomplish something big in my life. I look up to so many successful people whether it be on the internet, TV, or someone I meet. I want to be the person people look up to. I know I will succeed. I want to motivate people to work toward their goals and realize that no dream is ever “too good to be true”. That saying should not even exist. I don’t ever want to rely on anyone. Independence and achievement is a great thing.

Money. Money is a huge reason many of us want to be successful. Yes, I may have a beautiful Audi as my desktop screen, hehe, but what you plan to do with the money once you do become successful is so important. I have always wanted to have enough money to not have to worry if I randomly give the guy pumping my gas for me an envelope a check of $1000 dollars and driving away before he opens it. I do not want to have to worry if I donate $15,000 to a charity I support. What I’m saying is yes, money does buy materialistic items but the high you get from those items only last so long. The high you get from randomly giving and helping people in need would be an everlasting high, the best feeling ever. On this journey, be sure to be good to yourself and be sure help others along the way in absolutely anyway possible.

Small tidbits I have learned throughout these speeches:

Write down your goal on a piece of paper, read it every day
Visualize. Close your eyes, truly visualize where you picture yourself once your goal has been completed. It’s actually fun. If you actually control your mind and feel like you’re in a place where you have reached your goal, it will seem so real and put a huge smile on your face.
Believe you already have succeeded and live like you have already achieved your goals. Your success is out there in the universe, it is yours, you just have to work hard to find it.
• “Anything is worth doing badly until you do it right.”
Set your password to all of your accounts to something that will always subconsciously remind you of your goals.
• “You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.”
•I have set my computer and phone background to things I want to achieve in life. Every time I look at the screens, I get a strike of motivation and it is thrilling.
Listen to motivational speeches early in the morning to get your mind set for the day. They are truly so powerful.
Discipline. Set mini goals each day to make you closer to your dream. You must follow through. Just like it is a school assignment.
Print pictures of what you want to achieve and look at them every day to help the visualization aspect of this process.
Read, read, read. Knowledge will get you so far. Self-help books are so powerful and life changing for motivation.

One day I am going to look back at this post and be so proud I kept my commitment to my commitment. Also, here is a picture of my car that I will be driving on my way to a meeting and stepping out of it dressed as chic, successful business woman in an amazing high waisted pink blush skirt, tucked in white blouse and a beautiful pair of classy heels.

audiwishing you all the best, xx

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