My hair story:
About three years ago I had beautiful mid chest length white blonde hair after a myriad amount of foils and bleach. Hehe whoops. It was soft, I could use as much heat as I wanted on it and it would still stay luscious and smooth.


I then moved to a city about two hours away from my hometown. After a month or so living here my hair started getting very dry and coarse. Hard water I learned is what was the culprit here. Also, I don’t think all those foils helped. So, long story short, I then decided to get a couple low lights, hair dresser turned my hair grey, I freaked out, got a full head of foils the next day to retain my white blonde and from there on it just broke off above my shoulders and felt like the end of a broom stick. Very coarse and dry. Then I had to go brunette (so not the colour for this girl).
Then I went ombre to get at least a little blonde in my hair. Now, recently, I just got foils to get all blonde.
(Photo above is my ombre with extensions)

I have done so much research on hair care. Now I have finally saved it still being able to be blonde. Through the numerous products I have tested and different remedies, I will share with you the knowledge I have obtained throughout this treacherous journey!

My tips:
•shower every three days (or if you can leave it longer, do it!)
•use a chelating (cleansing) shampoo once a week to remove any residue, harsh minerals from the water and pollutants in the air. Be sure to finish it off with a keratin enhanced conditioner to replenish with the stripped proteins. Do not use these products more than once a week otherwise they will dry your hair out.
•use a deep condition hair mask once a week.
•sleep with your hair in a braid to prevent breakage while tossing and turning in your sleep. I will also lightly coat my hair with a leave in conditioner prior to braiding and will then wake up with smooth, wavy hair!
•straighteners, blowdryers, curing irons…NO. Only for very special occasions. Let your people know…if your hair has been touched by heat for when you see them…they must be very special to you 😉 I only use heat on my bangs.
•use an oil daily, only on the ends.
•be sure to use heat protectant (I use Tresemme, very affordable)
•do not use a towel to dry your hair, wrap it up in a t-shirt. The towel material causes frizz.
•bring the 60’s back by using scrunchies rather than rubber or tight elastics. They’re actually super cute.
•Drink lots of water. Think of your hair as a lawn…would a lawn grow no water? Negative. So drink up!
•Eating healthy…plants, fruit, legumes, beans & healthy carbs. YUM. You’ll quickly notice a huge difference with your hair, nails, skin and especially how you feel.
•exercise lots (even if it is just 20 minutes a day, better than nothing!) and try your best not to stress. Stress will cause a huge toll on your hair and overall health. Life is wonderful. Don’t waste such great energy on stress.
•be sure to take multivitamins & biotin daily

and on that note….^^^

Hairfinity:  a hair, skin & nail supplement that I have heard about all over the internet for ages. I couldn’t fathom paying for a small bottle of pills every month that I’m not sure will work or not..but I was desperate. So, I caved. I bought it…IT HELPED SO MUCH. I couldn’t believe it. my nails were looking amazing. My hair follicles actually looked like they were healing and my hair was getting so soft.  My skin has one spot on my chin where it is never fully clear but after taking these for a couple months that cleared up so much and was so smooth! I highly recommend these. You’ll be impressed.

hairfinity products:

Lierac Phyto (amazing line of hair products) this has probably been one the biggest helps to my hair:


I wish you ladies all the best. If you have any suggestions for me or secrets you’d like to share, please do!!



  1. Hey girl I’m about to start using my HAIR SKIN NAILS I’m going to keep track of everything…take pics and even when I’m in the shower compare to the GOBS of hair I would pull out while combing through after conditioning. I noticed that I’m start to thin out a bit by my temples too! I have heard and seen amazing results with this. So I will let you know.
    Love love xo

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