Conquer & Create. It started as a fashion + wellness blog and turned into a: “let’s truly believe in our dreams and show ourselves what we can do with a little strength, diligence, love, a good outfit, belief and passion. Let’s do all we can to keep authenticity alive and well sparked. Show some love to ourselves and be proud + happy with who we’ve become all while recognizing and showing gratitude to the situations we’ve grown from. Let’s encourage ourselves to break through the rusted cage we’ve been living in and take the biggest leap off the comfort zone cliff to see what this wild world has to offer us all while revealing our own authentic style that portrays who we are and make us feel confident with how we want to show up in the world“… kind of blog.

My name is Noelle and I have discovered a love for words and putting words in a specific order that are relatable + empowering + inspiring with hopes of giving people that specific “aha!” moment of realization and/or to make a small (or large) shift in their life that they didn’t know they needed until they read the words in that specific order. I also have always had an appreciation for fashion. So, I’m sprinkling a lil’ bit of that within this blog too by sharing some of my small town style I’ve cultivated over the years.

Also, following my love for fashion and the confidence I know it can bring to someone. I am adding my own little twist to the fashion world by creating some wardrobe essentials. Head over to my little shop and get some C&C staples in for your closet.

I’m just a small town girl who was lost on a path, felt I had no direction and was a stress mess. I’m still a small town girl on a path with many different directions but now I’m just practicing to fully enjoy the journey and trying my best to not allow myself to fall under the societal pressures, judgements + influences from others, all while just bein’ me and simply goin’ with the flow.

Take a ride on the wild side & you may just be surprised + delighted with where you’ll end up.